a baby and a big boy - emma kate 4 months old

For a while I had two babies in this house. Out of nowhere, my first baby is now a big boy. I don't know what it is but lately he just looks so big! Not to mention he is very good at throwing temper tantrums, doing mischievous things, prefers to eat with utensils and likes to 'assist' you while you are dressing him and putting his shoes on every day.

EK looking concerned...

Hudson looking like he has a plan...

EK isn't so sure about what he is doing! Look at that face!

There he is! Trying to fit in the baby swing!

Now onto the recalled bumbo... 
I know, I know...but really...at least I don't put her in it on a table!?

Poor poor Eloise. Stuck in a pile of toys.

Here is our (almost) 4 month old baby!!

and her brother at 4 months....just this time last year!!! hahahaa... sometimes it still gives me a good laugh

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